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Leggett & Platt Signature Performance  


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Enjoy modern relaxation with the Signature adjustable base, which features a free-standing wireless remote, head and foot articulation, and a flat button that quickly and easily returns you to the flat position. The quiet, but powerful, motor and contemporary fabric make it a great way to update your bedroom style with comfort and ease.

AVAILABLE SIZES : Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Split Queen, Split King, Split California King


• 850 lb DC Quiet Motors

• Upholstered in a Contemporary Gray Patterned Fabric

• Head and Foot Raise

• Go Flat button.

• Wireless Ergonomic "Stand Up" Remote

WallHugger® Video

This bed DOES NOT incorporate WallHugger® Technology. It's a lot easier to to show this feature in action than to try and explain how it works. So here's a video for you to watch.

If you'd like a WallHugger® model like most of our customers, the S-Cape is the most economical bed that has this feature.


The Signature bed comes with 4" legs and locking casters. You can use the casters or leave them off.  These legs ship "in the box" with every Signature bed and cannot be changed. Below is the Leggett & Platt Leg Height Options chart. You can use the chart to see the height your Signature will be with the included legs and casters. Then you can decide if you'll need additional legs which can be ordered from the Leggett & Platt Parts Department by calling: 800-888-3078.

We do not stock or sell optional legs. We simply do not have the warehouse space needed to stock all the parts available for the adjustable beds.

Please consult the PDF below for bed height (where your mattress begins) with the included and optional legs.

Leg Height Option Chart
Product Brochure

Here is the Leggett & Platt Product Brochure for this Model.

Signature Brochure
Owner’s Manual

Here is the manual for this Model. The manual can help you decide if assembling this bed is something you want to attempt yourself or if you'll need White Glove Delivery. The Manual also shows you all the parts that are included in the box.

Signature Manual
Headboard Brackets

Headboard brackets are optional on this model. You can purchase them from the Leggett & Platt Parts Department by calling: 800-888-3078. Below is a video showing how they are installed.


This model can be installed inside an existing bed frame or used without a bed frame. You don't need a frame to use this bed since it's legs (not the bed frame) support the weight of the adjustable bed.

If you want to install this inside your existing bed frame, you’ll need to check that all slats, crossmembers, braces, center legs….etc… can be removed to allow this model to sit inside your bed frame.

The necessary inside dimensions for adjustable bases are as follows:

• Twin – 37 ” x 73 ½ ”

• Twin XL – 37 ” x 79 ½ ”

• Full – 52 ½ ” x 73 ½ ”

• Full XL – 52 ½ ” x 79 ½ ”

• Queen – 58 ½ ” x 79 ½ “

• Split Queen – 29 ” x 79 ½ ” , two pieces

• King – 37 ” x 79 ½ ” , two pieces

• California King – 35 ½ “ x 83 ½ ” , two pieces

Shipping Time

FACT 1 : NO ONE can have your bed shipped quicker than Richmond Bedding. 
FACT 2 : Dealers DO NOT have "stock" or "inventory" no matter what they tell you! (read more below)*
FACT 3 : ALL ORDERS are fulfilled from Georgetown KY, Linwood NC or Whittier CA. 
FACT 4 : ALL ORDERS are fulfilled in the order they are received.
FACT 5 : NO dealer receives special consideration and can "jump" the line.
FACT 6 : ANY statements contradicting these facts are a reason for concern, because you're not being treated honestly.

*More about FACT 2 : NO DEALER is going to pay shipping to their location AND shipping to your home. That would incur two shipping charges and result in you paying a higher price, or greatly diminish the dealers profit margin. That's why NO AUTHORIZED ONLINE DEALER has your unit(s) in stock.

There are still a LOT of websites out there that say shipping time is “7 to 10 days”. A year or two ago that would have been a true statement. Today.. . . not always true.

So why do the websites and salespeople on the phone STILL say 7 to 10 days? Well in the case of the website, it’s probably just not been updated and they want you to feel like they’ll get your adjustable bed quicker than anyone else…so you'll buy from them. In the case of the salespeople they are telling you what they’ve been trained to say, or just don't care about the truth.

So What Is The Truth?

If you receive your bed in 7 to 10 days, that's usually 7 to 10 BUSINESS days. So that means 1.5 to 2 weeks. But 7 to 10 days sounds better so that's frequently quoted.In late 2014 demand for Leggett & Platt Adjustable beds rose 60% over the same period from 2013 and that increased demand has not abated. Production and shipping times have increased.

When you place an order with ANY Leggett & Platt dealer they’ll send your order to Leggett to be fulfilled. Leggett doesn’t do warehousing and inventory on the majority of models. And, they fulfill ALL orders in the order they were received. Someone may tell you “We do so much business with Leggett & Platt that our beds ship quicker than the other guys. That’s simply NOT the truth, Leggett does not play favorites.

When the factory is producing some of the more popular models they will manufacture more than they have on order because they know these are in high demand. Occasionally an order might ship quicker and we're sure that will make you happy. But because we can't GUARANTEE that and to keep things honest we're not going to promise you 7 to 10 days. The main thing to remember is this: wherever you buy your Leggett & Platt adjustable bed, your production and/or shipping time will be the same. By reading this you now know the truth, AND the whole story.


Below is the Manufacturer's Warranty.


We work with PayPal Credit (formerly Buy Now - Pay Later) for our customers who would like to finance their purchase. We'll send you a PayPal Invoice and then you just apply for the credit. The process will take you 5 ~ 10 minutes and a decision is usually instantaneous. Then you simply pay the invoice with the Credit Line.

PayPal Finance Page
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Richmond Bedding accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, eCheck, PayPal, Personal Checks and Money Orders. We also offer financing with PayPal Credit. Please see details above....

Richmond Bedding processes ALL Credit Card transactions over the phone. Why? Please continue reading.....

We used to accept credit cards online but a few years back our processor had what they called a "data breach". That's a nice term for: "We lost a bunch of Credit Card information". It took us the better part of three weeks to call our customers who may have been affected to let them know that cancelling their card and getting a new one issued was probably a good idea. Most of our customers understood that we didn't cause the problem, but a few were anything but understanding.

Not wanting to EVER go through that experience again, we decided to process Credit Cards over the phone. Since we began conducting business in this manner we haven't had a single problem. So if you'd like to purchase this Leggett & Platt bed (or anything else we ship), just call us. But please, don't feel like you have to wait until you're ready to buy to call. Call us ANY time with ANY questions you may have! We're here to help, not just process orders.

Credit Cards are charged the same day the order is placed. Customer's have asked us: "Why do you charge my card before shipping?" Because we aren't the shipper and don't know exactly when shipment will take place. If we're notified that shipment has taken place and then have a problem charging your Credit Card, what can we do? Another thing that happens (quite rarely) is that the goods ship the same day the order is placed. This happens when we place an order for a customer and the manufacturer has an identical order shipping that day and ready to go out the door. Someone who placed their order a while back asks for their goods to be delayed for one reason or another (usually some type of family emergency). So the manufacturer changes the shipping label and ships it to you. Then the next day we find out your goods have shipped. We hope this helps you understand why Credit Cards are charged the same day orders are placed.


We're not trying to tell you what to do, just trying to save you a LOT of money. If you're considering a Sleep Number® mattress, please take a long, hard look at our Luxury Airbeds. We can provide you with a quality adjustable firmness airbed, constructed superior in EVERY way when compared to a Sleep Number®, at a FRACTION of the cost.

Just "Click" the "Luxury Airbeds" link below.

*Sleep Number® is a Registered Trademarks of Select Comfort Corporation. Sleep Number® Beds are only sold at Sleep Number® Stores. Richmond Bedding is not a Dealer for Sleep Number®. Any reference to these products is for comparison purposes only.


90 DAY LOW PRICE GUARANTEE : If you find a lower advertised price on this adjustable bed from another Authorized Dealer within 90 days after your purchase from Richmond Bedding, we will refund you the difference.

Priced too low to advertise . . . . .

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Here are the reasons we ONLY offer Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds and do so with GREAT confidence!


Leggett & Platt has been in business for over 130 years. In the early 70's they invented the adjustable bed. That's been over 40 years ago. No other adjustable bed manufacturer has a 10 year track record. AND, a lot of adjustable bed companies that existed 10 years ago are gone today.


Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds are recognized within the bedding industry as the highest quality available. They’ve been sold for decades under the CraftMatic name, as the Sleep Number FlexFit Foundations and they used to be the exclusive supplier to the Tempur-Pedic Stores. CraftMatic and Sleep Number still use them. Tempur-Pedic switched to the Chinese made ErgoMotion bases in 2008 to increase their profit margin.


We (or our customers) can get replacement parts for a 25 year-old Leggett & Platt bed sent to us overnight. The Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers haven't been making adjustable beds for 10 years and don’t maintain long-term relationships with their parts suppliers. Although the overseas manufactured adjustable beds are fine out-of-the-box and possibly for a couple of years, the problems with replacement parts typically shows up in 3 to 5 years (possibly sooner). The Chinese and Taiwanese companies will switch parts suppliers without notice just to save a few cents. While that’s good for their bottom line, it’s not so good for you when you need a part for your bed in a few years. 

That’s when you have to wait weeks or months for a replacement part and after the long wait you might get a part that doesn’t fit or won’t work. Why? Because the vendor who made your motor, remote, switches, sensors….etc…was left swinging in the wind when the factory switched vendors overnight. Also, when the factory switched vendors they modified the design to fit the new parts. That means their current replacement parts often won’t fit your older bed. Then you’re faced with trying to find someone to modify your bed for the new part, or replacing the entire adjustable bed.


Most of the other adjustable bed manufacturers ONLY manufacture and sell adjustable beds. Leggett & Platt, which pioneered sleep technology when it introduced its bed spring more than 125 years ago, is an S&P 500 diversified manufacturer. Serving a broad suite of customers that comprise a "Who's Who" of U.S. companies, Leggett & Platt conceives, designs, and produces a diverse array of products that can be found in most homes, offices, and vehicles. Founded in 1883, the company is made up of 20 business units, 18,000 employee-partners, and 130 facilities in 17 countries.


Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds are made in Georgetown KY and Joplin MO.

ErgoMotion beds are made in China. Rize beds are made in Taiwan. Some Reverie dealers attempt to claim their beds are made in the US. They have a plant in New York that manufactures (using Chinese parts) a small percentage of their total output. By far, the greatest percentage of the beds they sell are imported from China.

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