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Comfort 10 Luxury Airbed

What’s In This mattress

Compare to the Sleep Number® i10

Innomax Medallion

A note about layer 2 & Layer 6: Layer 2 can be “flipped” to change the feel of the mattress. Layer 6 can be moved up and down inside the mattress to change the overall feel.

Layer 1: Extremely soft, quilted Belgian zippered top cover.

Layer 2: Laminated 4 pound Memory Foam and Natural Talalay Latex which can be flipped to change the feel of the bed. By now we all know what Memory Foam is but not a lot about the different “weights” Four (4) pound Memory Foam is recognized by consumers and independent testing as the most comfortable weight of Memory Foam. Talalay is not a type of Latex, it’s a manufacturing method recognized as producing the most luxurious feel possible while maximizing longevity. Latex is anti-microbial and dust mite resistant which is great for people suffering from allergies.

Layer 3: Multi-Zoned Posture Grid Support: Optimizes support and provides separately designed zones for head-to-toe comfort.

Layer 4: Contouring Comfort Foam, maximizes the “cradling” feel like the world’s finest matresses.

Layer 5: Moisture Barrier Backing, Protects internal components from spills and accidents for long life and healthier (mold free) sleep.

Layer 6: Multi-Zoned Posture Grid Support: Firmer than layer 3. Optimizes support and provides separately designed zones for head-to-toe comfort.

Layer 7: Vulcanized Air Chambers, 14% thicker than other chambers. Recommended by Doctors and chiropractors. Independent studies have shown adjustable air sleep mattresses are superior in comfort AND support. These chambers conform to the body, contouring to personal shape and evenly distributing body weight for minimum pressure points and the most restful and rejuvenating sleep. Plus, Innomax Air Chambers adjust to 50 (numbers 1 ~ 50 on the remote) different firmness’s, compared to the Sleep Number® beds that only have 20 (numbers 5, 10, 15…..100 on the remote) settings. These Air Chambers also have many more internal baffles than Sleep Number® which results a top profile that feels more like a luxury tack & jump quilted pillowtop mattress.

Layer 8: Edge Support With Memory Weave Fabric, edge support to reduce the feeling of rolling off the bed and increase support when you’re getting in and out of the bed. The Memory Weave Fabric doesn’t stretch so your bed retains its vertical and horizontal dimensions throughout your ownership.

Layer 9: Mattress Enclosure, zips to layer 1 and encases all the internal components.

Layer 10: Optional Foundations: You can use your old foundations as long as they’re in good shape. If you have a platform bed you may not need for a foundation. If you need new foundations we suggest buying them locally instead of paying to ship these. In today’s beds, the mattresses do all the work and the foundations simply provide a flat surface upon which the mattress rests.

12 reasons these are Better than sleep number®

30 Additional Firmness Settings

These beds adjust air pressure in single digits from 1 to 50 for a total of 50 different firmness settings. This is 150% more settings than Sleep Number® whose beds adjust in increments of 5 (5, 10, 15….100) for only 20 different firmness settings. Some Sleep Number® customers report that they find one number setting too firm and the next setting lower too soft. 

Multi-Directional Box Baffle Design

“Square Pillow Surface” designed to evenly support the body from head to toe, side to side and at the edges of the chamber regardless of air level! This design also allows sleeping in the center of the dual models with no sensation of rolling to the middle or edge eliminating improper support caused by hammocking. The Queen Bed has 36 Air Baffle Chambers compared to the Sleep Number® Queen with 14 Air Baffle Chambers.

No Foam Wall On Dual King or Queen Beds

A common complaint from Sleep Number® customers is the separation they feel between the two air chambers in the Dual Beds. In the Innomax beds the air chambers butt immediately against each other with no separation. This minimizes the “middle wall” feel and makes it easier to cuddle or spoon. This makes these beds more “romance friendly”.

European Vulcanized 25 Gauge Latex with Cotton Canvas Cover

Thicker and more durable, providing a full 6″ of air suspension! The vulcanized process virtually eliminates all seams, flows together and becomes a one piece construction. Made with natural cotton, bonded to natural latex offering a soft texture and eliminating air leakage. These Air Chambers are 14% thicker than those sold by Sleep Number®.

Double Sealed Borders

The Chamber borders are constructed with a 1.25″ seam and reinforced with another 1.25″ seam for maximum strength. Double sealing creates a more reliable support system for years of proven longevity and trouble free use. The Sleep Number® beds have single sealed borders.

Double Reinforced I-Beam Design

Dual sided “I” Beam sealing is actually two layers of canvas with two layers of rubber bonded together joining the top and bottom of the Air Chamber. Where this “I” Beam meets either the top or bottom, the canvas/latex flairs out each way offering heavy-duty holding power for extra strength. The Sleep Number® beds do not have this I-Beam Construction.

Uni-Bonded Chamber/Hose Assembly

By sealing the air hose with special flexible rubber at the time of chamber manufacturing, the entire assembly is a single unit with no external connections to eliminate the concern of air loss, yet retains the full range of movement. Sleep Number® attaches the air hose fitting AFTER the Air Chambers are manufacturer.

Steel Reinforced Kink Free Air Hose

The addition of the embedded surgical steel coil provides a more responsive inflation process. The kink free design improves pump life by reducing strain on the motor. Sleep Number® hoses are the clear vinyl hoses you’ll see in use on aquarium pumps.

Brass Reinforced Connection Boot

Engineered to assure zero air loss at critical hose/connection juncture and provides a much more durable connection. Brass is treated to be corrosion resistant and will outlast any other hose fitting material available. Sleep Number® uses plastic air fittings where the hose attaches to the Air Chambers.

Barrel Cam-Lock™ Inflator Connector

Easy to use barrel connector locks in place to prevent accidental disconnect during use and is not rendered ineffective by dust or pet hair. You can disconnect the mattress for cleaning or moving with just a simple twist. The Air Hoses on the Sleep Number® beds are a simple slip-on connection.

Pressure Activated Air Lock Internal Seal

The Twist-N-Lock™ connector houses the unique seal that prevents the back flow of air allowing the bed to be moved without the need to deflate the chambers. This Air Lock also reduces back pressure on the Air Pump Unit. Without this Air Lock the back pressure is transferred directly to the internal seals of the much more expensive to replace Air Pump. Sleep Number® does not have a pressure control valve on their hoses or fittings.

Initial Investment & Replacement Parts

Not only do these beds save you 40% to 50% initially, but replacement parts cost about 50% less than Sleep Number®. Although you shouldn’t need any replacement parts for a good while, it’s nice to know you won’t break the bank if a need arises.

Wired Remote

These mattresses come with wired remotes. Sleep Number® has a patent on an RF Remote Control which controls an air pump that adjusts the pressure inside an air chambered mattress. No one saw this as something that could be patented. This might seem like a big deal to you at first but you need to consider the following.

During the “honeymoon” period of ownership, typically the first two to four weeks, you’ll play with the air pressure quite a bit. You shouldn’t be changing the pressure every night because you’ll never get true feedback from your body unless you maintain the same pressure for at least three to five nights. During this “honeymoon” phase you will be using the remote fairly often. Throughout your ownership . . . not so much.

Once you find the pressure setting that works best for you the remote will rarely be used. Airbeds, just like anything that inflates, will lose some pressure over time. So once you’ve found the ideal setting for you that setting can be stored into memory. Then, when the bed loses a little pressure over time, you simply push the Memory Button and the mattress will return to your ideal setting. The pump reads pressure in millimeters of Mercury (mmHg) just like a blood pressure cuff. So when you press the Memory Button the firmness will return to EXACTLY where you had it set.

The other button on the remote you may use is the “Fill” button. This function fills the air chamber to the highest pressure so when you make your bed the mattress looks nice and square. Some people care about this and others could care less. To each their own, there’s no right or wrong here. If you use the “Fill” button when making the bed then you’ll need to push the memory button when going to bed.

Our point is this . . . once you choose the most comfortable pressure setting you’ll be using the remote control very little. It’s FAR more important to have a wireless remote for an adjustable bed since that’s something you’ll probably need to use several times a night.

You’ll also save a lot of money if you damage a remote. Replacement Sleep Number® remotes cost $150 ~ $200. Replacement remotes for these beds are $40 ~ $50.


All prices include the remotes, pump and FedEx Shipping . . . .

• Twin XL, $1875

• Queen Single Chamber, $ 2225

• Queen Dual Chamber, $ 2300

• King, $ 2600

• Split King, $ 2950

• California King, $ 2600

Discount Available with the purchase of an Adjustable Bed

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